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Techrules Ren, The Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle

Techrules is debuting the final production design of its first series hybrid supercar at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. ‘Ren’ is the first production…
08 March 2017

Techrules Presents GT96 Supercar At Geneva Motor Show 2017

The sensational electric supercar Techrules GT 96 will be revealed in March 2017 at the International Motor Show in Geneva, as confirmed by the…
17 November 2016

Techrules New Energy Technologies

Techrules, a new China-based automotive research and development company, is dedicated to the innovation of new energy technologies to advance the…
02 March 2016

Chinese Supercar From Techrules In Geneva

Concerning the terse news, at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show (3rd to 13th March for public, 1st March for press) the Chinese company…
18 February 2016
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