Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar The Patent Pending GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the orbital wheel. it has no central hub. The […]
GeoOrbital wheel for electric bike
03 May 2016

GeoOrbital wheel for electric bike

    The Patent Pending GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the orbital wheel. it has no central hub. The center of the wheel is ocupied by a non-rotating three arms module, containing the brushless 500 watt engine, the removable Panasonic Lithium-Ion battery and the electronics. The three rubber roller at the end manintains the module quiet, it's only the wheel around the modele that is rotating.

    The GeoOrbital wheel replaces a standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into a powerful electric bike in under 60 seconds. Everything needed to power your bike is included in the wheel! I is by far the easiest way to add electric power to your bike. The only part that isn’t in the wheel itself is a simple thumb activated throttle, which is easily clipped onto the handlebar.

    The highest quality Panasonic 36V removable Lithium-Ion battery with a pedal assisted range of up to 50 miles per-battery will be used for this wheel. With little to no pedaling you will go about 20 miles on a single battery (12 miles for the 26 inch wheel). The more you choose to pedal the more range you can expect, and you can always take a spare battery with you for longer rides.

    The GeoOrbital wheel prototypes was tested both in the shop and on all types of city streets, reduced the weight, part count, and cost in half, while greatly increasing safety and reliability. Based on user feedback they doubled the motor power, made the battery removable and lockable, added a USB outlet, and modified each generation so that they would be easier and more universal to install.

    "We've come a long way and made huge technical strides in the past 18 months, with each new generation learning from it's predecessors and the hundreds of test riders and beta testers generous enough to share their thoughts. What we ended up with is the easiest and most reliable way to turn your bike electric."

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