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UrbanX - New Single Electric Wheel For Bicycle

Creating a bicycle wheel with built-in motor, to be able to use it on any type of bicycle, is not a new idea, and there are already some models on the…
22 March 2017

Daymak EC1, Ebike Of Carbon Fiber

Kickstarter is a great platform to see if there is interest in our visiĆ³n.
Does the world want a Carbon fiber ebike/bicycle under $2,000?…
06 December 2015

Moto Pogo, An Electric Wheel

Moto Pogo makes advanced technology invisible. With self-balancing technology, just lean forward to speed up, lean back to slow down. Ecological and…
21 June 2015

Daymak Off-road E-bike

Daymak new invention, the Beast off-road / on road solar self charging eBike. This electric off-road scooter can be charged from 15W solar panel…
06 December 2014
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