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Techrules presents GT96 supercar at Geneva Motor Show 2017
17 November 2016

Techrules presents GT96 supercar at Geneva Motor Show 2017

The sensational electric supercar Techrules GT 96 will be revealed in March 2017 at the International Motor Show in Geneva, as confirmed by the manager of the company. Matthew Jin, technical director of the Chinese company, is very enthusiastic and says that they are perfecting the design with the two great designers Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro. TechRules GT96 will bring new hybrid propulsion technology with turbine generator.

Matthew Jin, Chief Technical Officer of Techrules, said: “We have been working tirelessly with the Giugiaro team on the design of the GT96 for many months, and it will be a proud moment when we present the production design of China’s first supercar in Geneva in March. Our dream of seeing turbine-recharging electric vehicles on the roads is getting closer to reality.”

Fabrizio Giugiaro commented: “The Techrules GT96 is the flagbearer for a truly revolutionary electric vehicle technology, and we reflect this innovation in the production car’s design.

“Not only does the car feature unique and bold styling attributes to make an immediate impression, but it is also extremely versatile, enabling different configurations for road, track and race, for example. The design spearheads distinctive Techrules styling characteristics that will in the future be seen across a family of models,” said Fabrizio Giugiaro.

The GT96 promises blistering performance thanks to Techrules’ innovative, proprietary Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) powertrain. Engineering and production partner, L.M. Gianetti, will begin production of up to 25 units per year in late 2017 at its facility in Turin, Italy. Initial output will be a track variant, before a fully homologated road version as well as other cars in more conventional vehicle segments follow over the next few years with the TREV system configured for optimal efficiency.

The TREV system is an all-new patent-protected series hybrid powertrain technology comprising a turbine-generator. TREV combines extensive experience of aviationand electric vehicle technologies with several proprietary technical innovations, delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency and performance, and ultra-low environmental impact.

The TREV range-extender system uses a micro-turbine to generate electricity, which powers the motors that drive the wheels. Excess electricity generated by the micro-turbine is stored in newly-developed batteries. This stored energy can also power the motors should further electricity be required. The high efficiency of the TREV range extender results in a requirement for fewer batteries, saving weight and space.


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