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NanoFlowcell seeks industrial land for Quant-City
15 April 2018

NanoFlowcell seeks industrial land for Quant-City

Research and development company nanoFlowcell Holdings is seeking to build a pilot facility in Europe for production of its nanoFlowcell technology and the complementary bi-ION electrolytes as well as the associated application technology. nanoFlowcell Holdings has already entered into discussions with individual local authorities relating to the acquisition of potential industrial land but is continuing its search for possible locations. The company has not yet decided upon a location for the innovation centre.

press release:

Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Executive Officer for nanoFlowcell Holdings Ltd, says: "We have achieved a laboratory breakthrough in our bi-ION research that has prepared the way for mass production of the electrolytes - which is a key prerequisite for the market success of our flow cell technology. Supported by investors, we will now build a pilot facility replicating the entire value-creation cycle of our technology. It will serve as a blueprint for further innovation centres for our nanoFlowcell technology to be established worldwide."

The innovation centre - known internally as QUANT-City - will encompass research into a diverse range of mobile and stationary applications, a production facility for the nanoFlowcell itself, its membrane and the complementary bi-ION electrolytes. Pilot production of prototype applications is also planned. This will initially take the form of CKD (complete knock down) production of the QUANTiNO 48VOLT and QUANT 48VOLT vehicles and of stationary generators for off-grid energy supply.

The QUANT-City pilot project will also replicate the necessary wide-ranging services - from complete supply and disposal management to logistics services to engineering and facility management. The experience with this project, from planning to operating the facility, will aid the development and implementation of plug & play facilities for other international locations.

An innovation centre of this nature will require a workforce of around 250 to 350, composed largely of developers, engineers and technicians.

nanoFlowcell Holdings already has secured the investment for establishing a pilot facility of this nature. The capital employed will be raised entirely by the company itself.

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