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350.000 Electric Kilometers With The Quantino48Volt

The Quantino48Volt, built by the nanoFlowcell holding from Liechtenstein, has more than 350.000 kilometers covered till today. Every single kilometre…
14 April 2019

NanoFlowcell Seeks Industrial Land For Quant-City

Research and development company nanoFlowcell Holdings is seeking to build a pilot facility in Europe for production of its nanoFlowcell technology…
15 April 2018

1,000 Electric Kms In Quantino Flow Cell

It's an early evening in late December when representatives of the nanoFlowcell development department meet in Zürich with engineers from a…
11 April 2017

Quant 48V - 300 Km/h

It took a long time. The development team at nanoFlowcell Holdings had worked for several years to make fuel cells directly controllable. Having…
16 February 2017

NanoFlowcell In Action, First Ride Of The Quantino By Journalists

We're at the TCS proving grounds in Hinwil not far from Zurich. The soft clouds of morning mist are gradually evaporating beneath the rising autumn sun. During the night, the wind blew away the film of water left on the test track by the previous day's rain. The weather promises ideal conditions for the dynamic presentation of an automotive highlight - the QUANT FE and QUANTiNO are under starter's orders for their first test-drive event at the hands of the international media.
The two nanoFlowcell prototype vehicles are courting the attention of an experienced and highly critical audience: QUANTiNO, the electric vehicle for everyday use with a top speed of 200 km/h and a…
09 November 2016 / Flowmagazine

The High-voltage Traction Systems Of Modern EVs

In the "flowmagazine", the online magazine published by the company nanoFlowcell of Liechtenstein, they speak about the danger of high voltage in the new high-powered electric cars, which can reach 600 volts, almost three times more than what is needed in our house sockets. This high voltage can be a danger of life, touching what should not be touched, but which also can be part of the causes of fires. It also obliges all accidents rescue teams know what to do and where to touch at…
30 August 2016 / Flowmagazine

Question: Recharge Or Refuel? A Crossroads For Electric Mobility

The german company nanoFlowcell based in Liechtenstein continues with the development of its flowcell batteries. These batteries doesn't need a charging station or to be pluged in a home socket, than to be refueled by the biION electrolyte-liquid, which can theoretically be manufactured anywhere in the world. Based on positive and negatively charged electrolytes which react inside the nanoFlowcell and produce electricity. A clean liquide easy to distribute around the world and easy to fill into the two fuel tanks of the car.
Manufacturers who invest in the development of conventional electric cars are acting out of expedient optimism. For them, electric mobility is far from a…
30 July 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Quantino With NanoFlowcell Technology At Geneva Motor Show

As the first street-legal low-voltage EV of the QUANT series, the QUANTiNO with nanoFlowcell® powertrain is premiering in its “near standard”…
05 February 2016

Interview With Managers Of QUANT

Interview with Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technical Officer, and Prof Jens Ellermann, President of the Board of Directors of nanoFlowcell AG at the…
05 March 2015

Quantino, Tomorrows Sport Car

This car is a sensation and will be one of the absolute highlights at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show," proclaims Prof. Jens Ellermann,…
24 February 2015

QUANTINO-Highlight At Geneva Motor Show

This car is a sensation and will be one of the absolute highlights at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show," proclaims Prof. Jens Ellermann,…
17 February 2015

Quant E-Sportlimousine F For 2015 At Geneva Motor Show

nanoFlowcell AG is working with its partners on further advancing the QUANT e-Sportlimousine with nanoFlowcell®, with over 100 R&D professionals…
16 December 2014

Quant E-Sportlimousine Approved For Public Roads

The QUANT e-Sportlimousine with nanoFLOWCELL® drivetrain concept has been approved by the District Government of Upper Palatinate Bavaria for use on…
26 August 2014

Nunzio La Vecchia Presents New Quant-F At Geneva

"This car is enormously powerful, environment-friendly and unique in one," says Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technical Officer at nanoFlowcell AG, of the new QUANT F, which will have its world premiere at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show on 3 March 2015. 
Electric automobile with range of 800 km and exceptional performance.  The four-seater e-sports sedan with nanoFlowcell® drive technology is a further development of the QUANT E from 2014, the first automobile with flow cell drive to be approved by the German TÜV technical inspection authority. The new QUANT F has been completely re-engineered and re-designed. With its new 2-speed automatic transmission nanoFlowcell AG…
00 00 0000 / V. Christian Manz
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