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Chargemaster Offers Free Domestic Charging

Chargemasters continues to offer free domestic charging in the UK, and adds now free Polar membership and free online usage…
17 August 2014

The New Chevrolet Volt, But No More Amperas

The decisions of multinational corporations are sometimes less incomprehensible: Chevrolet, so pleased with the success of its Volt hybrid model, will…
12 August 2014

Tesla Presents Model S For Fleet Buyers

Electric vehicle manufacturer and fleet market new-comer, Tesla, is the latest car maker to commit to this year’s Fleet World Fleet Show on April 9…
19 March 2014

Vauxhall Ampera Reduces Price

In its mission to make electric mobility more widely available, Vauxhall has reduced its revolutionary Ampera extended-range electric vehicle by…
09 September 2013

Vauxhall Ampera Ambulancia

Extended-range electric vehicle for emergency
As part of the commitment to reducing its carbon emissions, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust…
26 February 2013

The British Government Funded Post Recharge

Vauxhall customers can now benefit from free installation of a home charging unit for their cutting-edge Ampera extended-range electric…
23 February 2013
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