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The Eternal Cycle: Quiet Waste Recolection, Then-today-tomorrow

The new waste collection vehicle of the German company Quantron AG was successfully tested - it was in operation without any restrictions, just like other models with diesel engines, with a daily 7 to 9 hour collection tour for distances of up to 85 kilometres. There was always sufficient residual energy available, and for recharging it only needed a 63A three-phase house connection with continuous load. The electric and therefore quiet rubbish truck is no longer a utopia; supply and demand are increasing and in the near future the nightly disposal of our affluent rubbish will be quiet.
The idea is not new, but the technology has never been as good as it is today. As early as 1909 the…
06 November 2020 / V. Christian Manz

First Electric Fire Truck For Europe

Just two years ago, three innovative companies from Austria came together to create a totally different vehicle for firefighting service. A fully…
06 April 2018

Great News From FIA Formula E

The second season of the new Formula E is finished which a big success gaining a lot of public enthusiasm, with new vehicles, important teams and…
24 August 2016

Rinspeed Etos, Future Here I Come

The Rinspeed “Ʃtos” celebrates its world premiere at the CES, January 5 to 8, 2016, as part of the exclusive Harman event in the Muse Hall of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Its European premiere will be at the Geneva Motor Show starting March 1.
press release:It’s show time in the gamblers’ paradise Las Vegas: For the first time ever, Frank M. Rinderknecht, boss of the Swiss idea smithy Rinspeed, celebrates a world premiere outside his Alpine home with the hybrid sports car “Ʃtos.” The automotive visionary says: “The digital world will provide the major and above all the disruptive innovations in automotive engineering. That is why nowadays all major car manufacturers…
30 December 2015 / V. Christian Manz

ZF Smart Urban

July 6th, 2015Extremely maneuverable, locally emission-free, and networked with driver and environment: With the Smart Urban Vehicle, ZF is demonstrating the potential inherent in intelligently networking individual chassis/driveline and driver assistance systems, and is presenting an exemplary solution for urban individual transport in the compact and subcompact segments. The all-electric rear-axle drive eTB (electric Twist Beam), which is mounted close to the wheel, lies at the heart of the vehicle concept. This drive enables the basic layout of the Smart Urban Vehicle to be redesigned. The front axle is also highly innovative, with steering angles of up to 75 degrees enormously increasing…
26 August 2015 / V. Christian Manz

MotorBrain, New Electric Solutions

To design smaller, lighter, safer, and more efficient electric drives — with these objectives, researchers from nine European countries…
12 December 2014

Project EMILE, Electric Drives Reinvented

Headed by ZF with a 10 million Euros support
Market opportunities for electric vehicles will be enhanced if they become more powerful, more…
19 July 2013

Team BIGFOOT, creators of The Original Monster Truck, recently completed the first test of their newest creation, BIGFOOT#20, the world's…
26 December 2012

Die Geschichte Der Elektroautos

english translation see above Nikolaus August Otto, Erfinder des Viertakt-Gasmotors, war schon 1899 davon überzeugt, dass der Elektroantrieb seine Erfindung eines Tages ergänzen würde. "Es handelt sich dabei um etwas ganz Grosses", sagte er. Jetzt soll es also soweit sein, doch es ist schon der siebte Versuch, Elektrowagen in Serie zu produzieren. Vielleicht klappt es nun - 134 Jahre nachdem das erste komplett fahrbereite Elektrodreirad von Gustave Trouvé auf der Elektrik-Messe in Paris stand. Im Jahr 2015 werden mit etwa einer Million Einheiten mehr Elektroautos am Strassenverkehr weltweit teilnehmen als je zuvor.
Der erste Versuch Die Ausgangslage war für alle Kontrahenten…
00 00 0000 / V. Christian Manz
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