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Electric Vehicles In The Thirties

It is said that electric vehicles disappeared in the thirties everywhere, after its great success especially in the first decade. It is not true,…
28 July 2018

Borgward Isabella, An Iconic Name For A New EV

The German/Chinese brand Borgward wants to revive a very symbolic and traditional name, Isabella, in its time an elegant car, with sedan and coupe…
14 September 2017

The E-Mobility Goes To Bremen

The Chinese-German company Borgward returns to its origin, the German city of Bremen, with the concept of creating a SKD/CKD assembly facility and to…
12 April 2017

Borgward Back With Hybrid Models

The tradicional German branch Borgward presents at Geneva Motor Show two new models, both of them available as hybrid cars, and one as a 100% electric…
03 March 2016

Borgward BX7 Plug-In - Comeback Of An Iconic Marque

The German brand Borgward is back! After many attempts to rebirth one of the most iconic brands of Germany, Borgward - a few cars in the fifties…
17 September 2015
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