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MC2 Chopper From Singapore

The bicycle is constantly re-invented and the amount of ideas and concepts that get funding through the pages of Crowdfunding is frankly impressive.…
16 August 2017

Ruffian, A German Design Ebike

The electric bicycle market is growing dramatically in all countries, not only in China, where several millions of them are sold every year, but also…
09 August 2017

Ono Bikes, An Ebike/chopper

Coming from the Serbian capital Belgrade.
Ono Bikes is an independent custom e-bike and bicycle manufacturer from Belgrade, Serbia. The bikes they…
24 November 2015

Sinecycles, A Chopper With Personality

The Sinecycles Project have borned of the start-up man Bruno Forcella,
“I always had the idea to build a chopper DIFFERENT from anything else. It…
15 September 2015

Zeus Twelve, For Selected People Only

The new Swedish company Zeus Twelve pretends to create three different vehicles with future design elements for very selected people who likes the…
01 August 2014
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