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500.000 Charging Points In European Union Territory

Last week saw the European Union achieve a watershed milestone for the uptake of sustainable transport in Europe. The European Alternative Fuels…
06 June 2023

Volkswagen E-Bulli, Between Past And Future

Volkswagen Commmercial Vehicles now offers the e-Bulli, a classic multi-purpose van produced between 1950 and 1969 in Germany - and until 1975 in…
25 March 2020

Toyota I-Road For Grenoble

Toyota is ready to bring nimble, zero-emissions motoring to Europe’s crowded city centres with a fleet of its i-ROAD and COMS ultra-compact electric…
13 September 2014

Qoros EBiqe - Futuristic Electric Bikes From A New Company

The new chinese-israelian automotive brand Qoros presents at the Geneva Motor Show a concept of a futuristic mountain bike named eBiqe. Since they…
04 March 2014

Silex Chreos, 640 Electric Horsepower

The new electric supercar for 2015
Silex Power Limited is planning to go on with the production of the Chreos upmarket electric fastback sedan by…
12 June 2013

American Beauty: The Electric Car

The electric car has great future prospects. That’s what politicians predict in the hope that this propulsion concept could give new impetus to the stagnant economy. The proposals aren’t new at all; they even have their origin in the time when the car was in its early stages of development. If…
08 March 2013 / V. Christian Manz

Vauxhall Ampera Ambulancia

Extended-range electric vehicle for emergency
As part of the commitment to reducing its carbon emissions, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust…
26 February 2013

A mobile phone and a charging point is all you need to charge your car.POD Point, the UK’s leading electric vehicle charging company, launches…
04 September 2012
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