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The All New Hyundai Kona Electric

The All-New Kona Electric features two different powertrain versions, offering customers one of the most powerful electric motors. The long-range…
27 February 2018

Hyundai Presents Electric Bus

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai is already an expert in electromobility. Following the introduction of the IONIQ car, which is causing so much…
02 June 2017

Hyundai Ix35 Fuel Cell For Car Sharing Service

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell will be used for the world’s first fuel cell powered zero-emission car sharing service BeeZero, to be launched in Munich,…
09 April 2016

Hyundai Unveiles Three Ioniq Hybrid Versions

Hyundai Motor has unveiled the hybrid version of its new IONIQ – an advanced, alternative-fuel compact vehicle. The IONIQ will be available with a…
19 January 2016

Hyundai Ioniq - Three Options Of Electrified Powertrains

The Hyundai Ioniq, to be presented in 2016, will be available with electric, plug-in gasoline/electric hybrid, or gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain…
09 December 2015

Hyundai Supplies Another 50 Ix35 Fuel Cell To Europe

During October Hyundai Motor has delivered another 50 units of its ix35 Fuel Cell for distribution to customers across Europe, extending the…
05 November 2015

Hyundai Announced Price For Fuel Cell Car

Hyundai Motor UK announced the official public pricing for the zero-emission, hydrogen-powered Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle. The price of the…
05 May 2015

Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid

Although the Sonata Plug-in Hybrid is very technologically advanced, it will behave much like the regular Sonata Hybrid from the driver’s seat. A…
13 January 2015

First Hyundai IX35 Fuel Cell For Private Customers

The first ix35 Fuel Cell customer vehicles have arrived in the UK, continuing Hyundai’s global roll-out of the world’s first series-production…
22 October 2014

Hyundai Fuel Cell For The European Commission

Hyundai Motor’s ix35 Fuel Cell has been selected for the third consecutive year by the European Commission-backed Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint…
07 May 2014

31 Million Pounds For Hydrogen Vehicles

A pioneering £31 million deal is struck to make hydrogen vehicles a viable and environmentally friendly choice for motorists across…
04 April 2014

Tesla Presents Model S For Fleet Buyers

Electric vehicle manufacturer and fleet market new-comer, Tesla, is the latest car maker to commit to this year’s Fleet World Fleet Show on April 9…
19 March 2014

Hyundai Intrado To Be Revealed At Geneva Motor Show

The Hyundai Intrado will be revealed at geneva. The new car is powered by a next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain that utilises a Li-ion 36…
25 February 2014

Hyundai Intrado Für Die Zukunft

Hyundai präsentiert auf dem Autosalon Genf Anfang März sein neues Concept Car Intrado, das beweisen soll, dass auch in Zukunft neue Autos nicht nur…
01 January 2014
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