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MC2 Chopper From Singapore

The bicycle is constantly re-invented and the amount of ideas and concepts that get funding through the pages of Crowdfunding is frankly impressive.…
16 August 2017

Podride An Ebike/car

An E-bike that looks like a car.
Mikael Kjellman likes outdoor adventure sports and works as a design engineer. He really like to bike, but living…
17 April 2016

Propella Electric Bike Seeking Funding

With Indiegogo platform of crowfounding.
Propella's mission is to bridge the gap between regular bikes and electric bikes (eBikes). We strive…
14 February 2016

McFly Electric Bike

Hight autonomy and cheaper is possible.
The American company McFly needs 59.000 in the crowdfunding website Indiegogo to built this special…
24 December 2015

Sunnyclist – One Of The Greenest Vehicle Ever Built

A team of Greek specialists developped the Sunnyclist, an autonomous, green and economical vehicle, a tricycle with electric engine and photovoltaic roof, looking for production facilities on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.
The Sunnyclist is an autonomous vehicle that produces its own energy consumption through the solar panels on the roof, and can also used pedals to make passengers active in its movement.The company likes to offer several versión of this vehicle, as there is the City, with a 540W photovoltaic generator that can provide an average of 35 free kilometers per day for the daily commute in the city. This Sunnyclist is very easy to drive and to park, it is a carefree…
04 December 2015 / V. Christian Manz

Bolt, A Super Small Electric Skateboard

The Bolt could be the smallest and lightest electric skateboard in the world - or the smallest electric vehicle in the world.
Walking is too slow…
31 August 2015

Revobot, Electric Body Gravity Board

The Revobot is a new vehicle concept with only two wheels in paralell, an electric board working with body gravity, a vehicle between a scateboard and…
27 July 2015

Babel Bike, A More Secure Bike

Sometimes we are very surprised by new ideas of the people, and this special secure bike is no exception.
Bike Babel is a project designed by…
28 April 2015

Storm Electric Bike, A Lowcost Bike For Everybody

Why are electric bikes, normally, so expensive?
The Californian startup Strom Electric Bike presents a project to develop an electric bicycle for…
07 February 2015
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