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Solar-electric Car From Sono Motors

They are already circulating two prototypes of the Sono Sion, an solar-electric car of a new German company, to be produced in serie at an initial…
24 August 2017

Blue Cruiser - Solar Energy With An Extraordinary Design

The University of Bochum (Germany) and the big consortium thyssenkrupp presents the result of a development partnership, the blue.cruiser, a four-seater sports coupé with most attractive body, only receiving the energy from the sun. This car will run on the World Solar Challenge in Australia in October this year.
The latest solar-powered car to result from this development partnership is a four-seater sports coupĂ©. It shows the best and most attractive side of e-mobility: not just rational and sustainable, but also a real treat for the eyes. For the first time, the body and interior were created by a design student from Folkwang University of the Arts in collaboration with budding…
14 July 2017 / V. Christian Manz

Stella Lux

August 10th, 2015The Dutch Stella Lux es an energy positive family car, that means this car is so effcient that generates more energy than consuming during the entire year, even in Dutch weather conditions!
The aerodynamic design has an important role in this: consider, for example, the tunnel which runs through the center of the car. Furthermore, Stella Lux has an extended roof on both sides of the car. Because of this, we were able to place another row of solar panels on the car. Stella Lux was designed to be extremely light by using materials like carbon fibre and aluminium.Stella Lux is an intelligent car. For example, it contains a innovative energy management system: the Solar…
29 August 2015 / V. Christian Manz

EVX Immortus, Solar Car From Australia

This Australian start-up company EVX Ventures is actually working on a concept solar sport car with online storage capacity, that as long as the sun…
19 August 2015
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