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Ujet Shakes Up How We Will Move Around Our Cities

Ujet unveiled its first product, the Ujet electric scooter, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is set to redefine urban mobility -…
09 January 2018

Blue Cruiser - Solar Energy With An Extraordinary Design

The University of Bochum (Germany) and the big consortium thyssenkrupp presents the result of a development partnership, the blue.cruiser, a four-seater sports coupé with most attractive body, only receiving the energy from the sun. This car will run on the World Solar Challenge in Australia in October this year.
The latest solar-powered car to result from this development partnership is a four-seater sports coupé. It shows the best and most attractive side of e-mobility: not just rational and sustainable, but also a real treat for the eyes. For the first time, the body and interior were created by a design student from Folkwang University of the Arts in collaboration with budding…
14 July 2017 / V. Christian Manz

The Striking Dubuc Tomahaw For 2018

The evolution of the Dubuc Tomahawk, probably the fastest electric sports car in the world, continues. Its enthusiasts manager and technicians speak…
12 June 2017

Yebbujana, Specialized Technology Of Power Plaza

The Southcorean company Power Plaza likes to demostrate with the Yebbujana two+two seater coupé what is already available for such a smoothy sport car: 200 km/h and a range of more than 750 kilometers.
Power Plaza secured technical skills for Electric Vehicle through the power-train solution research and EV conversion business based on the accumulated power electronics technology. Furthermore Power Plaza has tried to develop the reliable products and new technology for electric vehicle by acquiring high-tech software, hardware and etc.The Yebbujana S4 is the fourth model of Yebbujana series, newly developed from the previous two-seater coupe to the upgraded hatch back style (2+2 seater).…
15 March 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Hotzenblitz, Where Are You

This is not the latest creation of an attractive electric car from a new company still unknown, but a strong commitment to early nineties of the last century of a silent and attractive future car with all its well-crafted details. The German Hotzenblitz was too good to be true and was born to early.
Once upon the time there was a small, only 2.7 meters long car, with an inside which could hold up to four seats, or only two seats to have all the rear part abvailable for load. It could also undress from part of his roof, leaving a portion exposed to the sun to shine to its occupants. He had a large curved windshield inward, two doors and a glazed rear tailgate. Finally, a large space of…
22 December 2015 / V. Christian Manz

Daymak EC1, Ebike Of Carbon Fiber

Kickstarter is a great platform to see if there is interest in our visión.
Does the world want a Carbon fiber ebike/bicycle under $2,000?…
06 December 2015

Ono Bikes, An Ebike/chopper

Coming from the Serbian capital Belgrade.
Ono Bikes is an independent custom e-bike and bicycle manufacturer from Belgrade, Serbia. The bikes they…
24 November 2015

YikeBike Uses Kickstarter To Get Funding

The New Zealand company YikeBike is using Crowdfunding to get funding to produce their new models. YikeBike had proposed to get the $ 100,000 needed…
20 March 2015

Chevrolet Commits To Bolt EV Production

Chevrolet confirmed production of its next-generation pure electric vehicle, based on the Bolt EV concept. It will be built at General Motors’ Orion…
17 February 2015

LEAOS Solar Electric Bike

The first self-sufficient Series E-bike with fully integrated solar panels for chargingThe LEAOS Solar fuses high tech with high aesthetic…
02 February 2015

Lamborghini Plug-In, The Big Surprise At Paris Motor Show

The Lamborghini fan might be surprised, but that the Italian brand presents a new hybrid plug-in supercar - the first time the manufacturer combines…
03 October 2014

Organic Travel Elf: Solar-pedal Vehicle From US

The ELF is a solar and pedal hybrid vehicle powered by you and the sun. “The most efficient vehicle on the planet”, it is a revolution in…
12 August 2014

Garia With Bubba Watson

Garia, the European manufacturer of the Garia luxury golf and leisure car, has entered into an exciting partnership with PGA (Professional Golfers`…
22 January 2014

Leaos E-Bike Made By Carbon Fiber

Leaos, a new Italian company based in Bolzano, has presented an impressive electric bike that has broken new ground in design and function.The…
19 January 2014
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