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Irizar Ie-Truck, The Electric Truck From Spain

Irizar goes one step further in its commitment to sustainable urban mobility and incorporates the Irizar ie truck into its range of zero-emission…
01 March 2019

Spanish Irizar Sells 18 Electric ETram To Luxembourg

The large Luxembourg group Voyages Emilie Weber orders 14 new 18-metre long, 100% electric Irizar ie buses, in addition to the 7 Irizar ie 12-metre…
31 October 2018

Spanish Irizar Signed Contract For 15 More Ie Tram For France

Irizar e-mobility, a company that provides integral electro-mobility solutions for cities, has just signed a contract with RDT 13 that includes the…
28 July 2018

Electric Buses: Presentations Already In 1898/1899

I do not intend to downplay the global presentation of the 100% electric Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus, which took place on July 10, 2018. I just want to…
10 July 2018

Spanish Irizar Presents Electric City Tram

At this year's Busworld fair we are featuring the world premiere of our articulated 18 metre Irizar ie Tram which extends the current supply of…
27 October 2017

Irizar Manufactures New Electric Buses At New Premises

Irizar has been awarded the contract for Madrid's first 15 100% electric buses and Barcelona's first four 100% electric articulated buses.…
28 July 2017

Irizar E-mobility, The New Company Of IRIZAR Group

Irizar e-mobility is a new electromobility company whose plant and prototypes of all its new products and systems will be completed by the end of…
04 April 2016

An Open Interface For Charging Electric Buses

European bus manufacturers Irizar, Solaris, VDL and Volvo have agreed to ensure the interoperability of electric buses with charging infrastructure…
15 March 2016

Irizar I2e Electric Bus - Pre-selected For Paris

The Irizar i2e, an electric bus from the Irizar Group, has been presented in the city of Paris by the RATP (the largest public transport group in…
17 December 2015

Two Irizar I2e Electric Buses For Central London

The Spanish company irizar have signed an agreement with Go-Ahead, London`s biggest bus operator, to put two electric buses into operation in London…
10 June 2015

Irizar Presents Ist First 100% Electric City Bus

The Irizar i2e is a city bus that has been fully developed with proprietary technology, the result of joint efforts between the Group's companies…
13 July 2014

Irizar, From Carriage To Electric Buses

The Spanish manufacturer Irizar celebrates its 125th anniversary by participating in an innovative project to deploy electric buses in the main cities…
13 May 2014

Spanish Irizar In ZeEUS Project

The Spanish bus manufacturer Irizar participates in the ZeEUS project to implement electric buses in the main European cities.
This past 23…
30 January 2014

Irizar I2e

Irizar, the Basque manufacturer of buses and coaches with a history of over 125 years, today presents the bus of the future, its fully electric model i2e, a 12 meters long city bus able to travel 200 to 250 kilometers without recharging, completely free of emissions.
It is anticipated that this bus will recharge at the end of each working day, with five hours connected to a cable that passes 125 amps to the high temperature nickel-sodium batteries. The Siemens motors guarantee an output of 230 kW, while the batteries hold a capacity of 376 kW/h, which gives this high range autonomy despite being a large urban vehicle. This model also has supercapacitors, working as batteries…
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