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5,6 Millions Electric Car Worldwide

According to the German Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Centre (ZSW), the total number of 100% electric, plug-in and range-extender vehicles - cars…
15 February 2019

Females Driving Electric Formula E

The new Formula E season begins - with purely electric cars - in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), a championship that is gaining more and more interest and in…
22 November 2018

Workhorse Presents Its Electric Pick-up

The American company Workhorse, located in Ohio, has two important references to create its new electric vehicles: first lives in a city that has a…
10 May 2017

Pininfarina And Hybrid Kinetic Presents An Eco-sedan

The wellknown Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina designed and manufactured a new luxury sedan concept, with pure design and eco-firendly technology, for…
15 February 2017

The Bubblecar Revives With Electric Microlino

The first series of 500 units of the little Microlino, the revival of the welknown Isetta of the fifties, but now fully electric, is already reserved.…
23 March 2016

Rinspeed Etos, Future Here I Come

The Rinspeed “Ʃtos” celebrates its world premiere at the CES, January 5 to 8, 2016, as part of the exclusive Harman event in the Muse Hall of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Its European premiere will be at the Geneva Motor Show starting March 1.
press release:It’s show time in the gamblers’ paradise Las Vegas: For the first time ever, Frank M. Rinderknecht, boss of the Swiss idea smithy Rinspeed, celebrates a world premiere outside his Alpine home with the hybrid sports car “Ʃtos.” The automotive visionary says: “The digital world will provide the major and above all the disruptive innovations in automotive engineering. That is why nowadays all major car manufacturers…
30 December 2015 / V. Christian Manz

The New Karma With BMW Hybrid Powertrain

Since closing the production of singular Fisker Karma en 2012, the declaration of bankrupty of Fisker in november 2013 and the sold out en february…
21 November 2015

Artega Is Back, With Electric Engine

The German sport car Artega, made between 2010 and 2012 at 153 units, all with V6 engine from Volkswagen, is back. The company, again in the hands of its original owner, now proposes a purely electric drive for this two-seater sportcar, and a very limited production to ensure uniqueness.
Klaus Dieter Frers, then owner of an important supplier to the automotive sector, wanted to realize his dream of a sportcar itself, also in order to demonstrate what his company would be able to perform. The GT was born, designed by Henrik Fisker (who also designed the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8) and presented at the 2007 International Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland). At that time it began with the rise…
25 October 2015 / V. Christian Manz

BMW/Terberg Electric 40 Tons Truck

Travel through Munich in a vehicle that is 100% electric, clean and quiet. The BMW Group and SCHERM Group officially put an electric truck into…
18 July 2015

Detroit Electric In Four New Countries

The two-seat electric sport car from Detroit Electric will be available very soon in four new countries: Azerbaijan, iceland, Norway and South…
08 July 2015

New Research About Quieter Driving

According to new research, 70% of motorists believe that a quieter cabin would help improve their mood and reduce stress during the time they spend in…
26 April 2015

The New BMW I8 At Goodwood Speed Festival

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, 26-29 June 2014, will see for the first time in the UK the spectacular BMW i8 drive up the famous 1.16 mile hill,…
24 June 2014

Toyota Fuel Cell Car In 2015

The next era in Toyota’s technology development is about to become production reality, with the market introduction next year of the company’s…
17 April 2014

31 Million Pounds For Hydrogen Vehicles

A pioneering £31 million deal is struck to make hydrogen vehicles a viable and environmentally friendly choice for motorists across…
04 April 2014
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