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Drako Motors Presents Most Powerful GT Electric Car

Silicon Valley manufacturer Drako Motors introduces its first limited electric supercar, a culmination of a decade of unrelenting design, engineering…
20 August 2019

The New Karma Revero, Available In USA

The American company - no, it's now Chinese - Karma Automotive announces that you can buy your Revero model. The four-door sports car has a…
11 May 2017

The New Fisker Aims To Break New Barriers In E-mobility

The new company, the relaunch of Fisker, embodies the strong, emotional connection of the automobile through design, innovative technology and a…
08 November 2016

Henrik Fisker Prepares An EV With 650 Km Range

The Danish designer and empreneur Henrik Fisker confirms on Twitter he is preparing a sensational electric car with wing doors and a range of more…
27 October 2016

The Karma Is Back

The Fisker Karma is back, now under the name of Karma Revero, and behind the new company in the United States is Chinese money.
The company is…
12 August 2016

The New Karma With BMW Hybrid Powertrain

Since closing the production of singular Fisker Karma en 2012, the declaration of bankrupty of Fisker in november 2013 and the sold out en february…
21 November 2015

Artega Is Back, With Electric Engine

The German sport car Artega, made between 2010 and 2012 at 153 units, all with V6 engine from Volkswagen, is back. The company, again in the hands of its original owner, now proposes a purely electric drive for this two-seater sportcar, and a very limited production to ensure uniqueness.
Klaus Dieter Frers, then owner of an important supplier to the automotive sector, wanted to realize his dream of a sportcar itself, also in order to demonstrate what his company would be able to perform. The GT was born, designed by Henrik Fisker (who also designed the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8) and presented at the 2007 International Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland). At that time it began with the rise…
25 October 2015 / V. Christian Manz

What Happens With Fisker?

Will the most exciting electric-hybrid car of the world be back very soon?
The founder and executive chairman of hybrid car maker Fisker…
18 March 2013

Fisker Prepare His Second Model

Fisker Automotive, the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer™), today announced plans to establish a…
18 November 2012

Fisker For DiCaprio

Fisker Automotive and Leonardo DiCaprio today announced that they will work together to promote Global Sustainability, a cause to which both are…
03 July 2012

Fisker Karma In EU

Fisker Automotive’s international expansion continues with a growing dealer network and customer delivery of their cars across Europe. It was…
25 June 2012

Fisker Karma Sucess

Fisker Automotive, the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer™), today published its first business update by…
29 May 2012

The Top Priority For Fisker Is Quality And Customer Satisfaction

by Tom LaSorda from Fisker Automotive
Quality and customer satisfaction are the top priority for Fisker Automotive.With any new technology there will be a need for initial updates and refinements and we have demonstrated the ability to quickly resolve them on a case-by-case basis. In addition, Fisker´s 24 hour VIP contact centers, retail network with a proven customer service track record and our comprehensive vehicle warranty are all designed to give you, our customers, complete peace of…
23 March 2012 /


From the unique exhibition Top Marques Monaco, an event where the most distinctive cars in the world are exposed, they present us the Toroidion, a new car from Finland, that momentarily wins the title of world's most powerful electric car with its total output of 1.340 HP.
Until now the most powerful electric car  was the Rimac from Croatia. This car is developped by Finnish Pasi Pennanen, an expert who has spent 20 years developing prototypes and concept cars. Since 2011 it deals with its fully electric Toroidion, with the purpose and the desire to create a competitive sport car to win the 24 Hours of LeMans, one of the hardest races of endurance. Pennanen still does not relieve…
00 00 0000 / V. Christian Manz
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