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Motosharing On Canary Islands

The first motosharing lands in the Canary Islands with Lovesharing. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife take a step towards the…
13 June 2019

Electric Vehicles, A Bridge From The Past To Present And Future

It's official, at least on paper: the electric car will replace the gasoline car. This is what the Spanish executive says, make it 2040 when you can no longer sell cars that are not electric, and make it 2050 when the circulation of any vehicle that pollutes is prohibited. In this report I will…
10 December 2018 / V. Christian Manz

Spanish Company Silence Presents Electric Scooter SO1

Silence, the company specialized in the design and manufacture of 100% electric motorcycles, innovates again with the launch of the new S01 scooter…
14 November 2018

Detroit Electric In The New Book Silent And Clean

In my next book "Silent and Clean" The electricity against water and oil (1905/1936) from the saga "Histories of Electric Cars" - on…
19 October 2017

DID YOU KNOW: The Origin Of Formula E Dates From 1896

The first book I wrote about "The History of the Electric Vehicle" called "The Pioneers - 160 km/h and 307 km of range (1870/1906)" is…
02 October 2017

Mini Cooper SE Hybrid Plug-in

Since the rebirth of the Mini, the cult car of the sixties, the brand in the hands of BMW does not stop expanding the range constantly with attractive…
06 March 2017

Electric Vehicles From Outer Space.

I read really nice news about Agneta Dahlgren Renault Group designer, woman of the year 2016 by the WAVE independent organization
Years ago, in a much more sexist world probably did say with surprise a woman was a part of the design team, as if it were a rare fact, without name or charge. Fortunately not only in the staff, she is the team leader. Future of technology is very promising because women are in the top of design, marketing, testing and competition teams with the prototypes.…
23 May 2016 / José Luis Iglesias

Loryc Back... With An Electric Sport Car

The charismatic Loryc brand from Mallorca is back. Starting in 2016 the island will offer a new car with this same designation, a purely electric car which keeps the tradicional parts of the Loryc from the twentieth, a speedster body, its sporty style and the traditional Latin character. Invisible under the bonnet and the chasis the company votes for the highest current technology, but visible remains the craft and the immortal classical style of the roaring twenties, when Loryc built their own sport cars only for enjoying trips on the balear island or international sports events.
Loryc manufactured their cars on the island of Mallorca between 1920 and 1925, a short time, but with a…
25 October 2015 / V. Christian Manz

Lamborghini Plug-In, The Big Surprise At Paris Motor Show

The Lamborghini fan might be surprised, but that the Italian brand presents a new hybrid plug-in supercar - the first time the manufacturer combines…
03 October 2014

SBU V3 Self-balancing Unicycle

An electric unicycle with regenerative braking, one of the most modern way to move.
Created by Focus Designs (USA) the SBU V3, a self-balancing…
02 August 2014

Metrocab Electric Taxi Tested By Experts

The all-new British-built and engineered Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab has been tested for the first time by London’s taxi drivers and…
03 April 2014

SBU V3 Self-balancing Unicycle

now in Europe
Created by Focus Designs (USA) the SBU V3, self-balancing unicycle, is genuinely a new way to travel and riding it a truly unique…
15 August 2013

New Electric Peugeot Partner

With this new 100% electric version, Peugeot takes another step in offering business users a Partner range with power units suitable for all kinds of…
10 September 2012

Infiniti LE Electric Concept

Representing a bold next stage in Infiniti’s quest for performance luxury motoring in the most sustainable way possible, the Infiniti LE Concept is…
01 September 2012
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