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Did You Know: The Opel GT Electric

The sporty Opel GT, which was born 53 years ago, an aerodynamic two-seater that caught the eyes at the Frankfurt saloon in 1965, also existed in an…
13 April 2018

E.Go Life Accepts Orders

The German start-up e.Go Mobile, which will produce a city electric car from spring 2018, announced that it has already received so many orders that…
24 August 2017

Tern Presents Ebike For The Whole Familiy

Taiwan company Tern unveils GSD, a compact utility ebike that fits the whole family, but carries a family too. The compact utility ebike is designed…
20 August 2017

Ruffian, A German Design Ebike

The electric bicycle market is growing dramatically in all countries, not only in China, where several millions of them are sold every year, but also…
09 August 2017

Bosch Presents ABS For E-Bikes

Pedelec riding is becoming even safer. Bosch, a leading provider of motorbike safety technology, is launching the first standard anti-lock braking…
24 June 2017

Unu Motors Gets Fresh Money From New Investors

German manufacturer UNU, specialist in electric scooters that are sold via Internet and taken care of through the Bosch services, has received more…
10 May 2017

E.Go Life Ultimate City Car

The German e.Go Mobile presents the city car Life with its ultimate design at CeBIT 2017 fair in Hannover. This is the second car developed at the…
27 March 2017

The Spanish Loryc With Opel Adam Components

Charly Bosch, father of the rebirth of the charismatic majorca brand Loryc and the transformation of its new model - classic style - in an electric…
10 November 2016

Tern Vektros A Folding Ebike

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Electric bikes let you escape the typical hassles of commuting. They soften hills and…
23 October 2016

Riese & Müller Delite With DualBattery

The German company Riese & Müller from Darmstadt, specialist for E-Bikes, is one of the first company to use the new double battery pack presented some days ago by Bosch. This DualBattery system puts double the capacity into the pedelec drive, with a range of more than 180 kilometers.
The charger used a special software permitting to switch automatically between batteries, so both batteries are charged together from a single port. The batteries combine for up to 1.000 Wh, but can be used separately... you can drive with one of them or with both together.Delite electric model is the star of the brand, supplied in various heights frame to find an optimal position. It's a bicycle for…
23 September 2016 / Victor Manz

Doohan ITank, Tilting Electric Threewheeler

The Chinese company Doohan has been crowdfunded through Kickstarter the production and sales of its new three-wheeled electric tilting motorcycle. In…
19 August 2016

Loryc Electric Speester With EU-Approval

The Loryc Electric Speedster, a new replica from Palma de Mallorca, has got now the European approvals, so it can be driven in every country. This…
23 February 2016

Loryc Back... With An Electric Sport Car

The charismatic Loryc brand from Mallorca is back. Starting in 2016 the island will offer a new car with this same designation, a purely electric car which keeps the tradicional parts of the Loryc from the twentieth, a speedster body, its sporty style and the traditional Latin character. Invisible under the bonnet and the chasis the company votes for the highest current technology, but visible remains the craft and the immortal classical style of the roaring twenties, when Loryc built their own sport cars only for enjoying trips on the balear island or international sports events.
Loryc manufactured their cars on the island of Mallorca between 1920 and 1925, a short time, but with a…
25 October 2015 / V. Christian Manz

V-Charge With Volkswagen

Volkswagen AG aspires to holding the leading position in the field of automated parking. A look into the near future of automated parking is given by…
21 July 2015
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