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Alcraft Reveals First Electric Car

British electric vehicle start-up Alcraft Motor Company has revealed details of its first car, the high-performance Alcraft GT. The business is targeting a start of production in 2019, and is launching a crowdfunding campaign offering the chance to play a part in the development of the car and a new…
03 September 2017 / Press Release

DeLorean DR-7 Aircraft Electric Taxi

Paul J. DeLorean founded in 2012 the DeLorean Aerospace with the mission to create a personal air transportation system to the masses; special lightweight vehicles ables to flight, more practical, simple and ecological. The DR-7 is a compact VTOL aircraft with electric power that can be stationated…
17 August 2017 / V. Christian Manz

General Vehicles Company Nueva York 1911

The Americans were great pioneers in trucks and electric vans, manufacturing for many years a range of products very useful for any transport. Here we present a picture of the General Vehicle chassis from Long Island City, New York, 1911, a solid chassis with electric motor in the rear, with chain…
17 April 2017 / V. Christian Manz

Electric Taxi And Battery Changes

Fascinating this rapid change of batteries in the Eucort Taxi in Barcelona in 1943, as shown by this RTVE film. But they were not the first Spanish electric taxis between the civil war and postwar; and we also bring here two photos of a change of batteries back in 1906 - just as effective.
03 January 2017 / V. Christian Manz

16 - Nov - 2017
Electric&Hybrid Aerospace Technology Simposium 2017

In its third year, this symposium has firmly established itself as the...
Köln (Cologne)

Eliica KAZ, An Electric Eight-wheeler

published in 2004:KAZ means peace in Japanese, and the concept the Keio University offers for a future car is much more than a simply idea who future cars will be: the KAZ breaks all the known ideas and demostrate clearly that an electric car can be very exciting and quite more efficent than people…
10 August 2016 / V. Christian Manz
Green Trip Canarias

Atlantic Electric Trucks 1912-1920

We found in Spain an original catalogue of the electric trucks from Atlantic (Atlantic Electric Vehicle Co, Newark, NJ 1912-1921). This catalogue is in Spanish with the stamp of the Spanish dealer, A.G. Gunnison from Barcelona. We are looking now for more informations about the Atlantic trucks sold…
01 August 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Electric Car Exceeds 100 Km/h In 1899

This record reached in November 1899 by the Belgian Camille Jenatzy was held for three years, before it was broken by another ecological car, a steam car. The gasoline car still took many months until it could compete with the other propulsions.
The doctors and the priests did not come to a clear…
23 July 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Columbia Electric Carriages From 1905

Prestige Electric Car has expanded its great documentary file with the acquisition of an original catalog of 1905 from the American brand Columbia Electric Carriages made in Hartford-Connecticut.
The highlights of this catalogue are the great varity of different bodies and the huge range of…
02 May 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Zero Motorcycles

Fabricante américano de motocicletas, que tiene su central europea en Holanda, que ofrece ya versiones 100% eléctricas. Es una de las compañías de motocicletas que más ha crecido en estos últimos años.

Brost Bikes

Empresa española que fabrica y distribuye bicicletas eléctricas urbanas plegables.

The First Hybrid Car Comes From Spain

It seems that the first automobile combining an electric with a combustion motor, that means, the first hybrid drive, comes from Spain, only when all the dates we find are correct. It seems so.
In the information gathered about the origin of the Spanish Hispano-Suiza, the main character is the…
22 October 2015 / V. Christian Manz

30th Birthday Of Sinclair C5

The 30th birthday of the Sinclair C5, one of the most unusual vehicles ever to be built in Britain, is being celebrated by the National Motor Museum.
First on display in the museum following its launch on 10th January 1985, visitors can again see this electrically-powered tricycle, which was…
04 January 2015 / V. Christian Manz

The First Car Which Exceeded 100 Km/h

This record reached in November 1899 was held for three years, before it was broken by another ecological car, a steam car. The gasoline car still took many months until it could compete with the other propulsions.
The doctors and the priests did not come to a clear conclusion of what could…
17 February 2014 / V. Christian Manz

Electric Shopper 1960

A 1960 “Electric Shopper” electric micro car owned by Roderick Wilde, Executive Director of the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation, will be the first vehicle you see when you enter the California Automobile Museum’s (2200 Front Street, Sacramento) new exhibit titled: “It’s Electrifying!…
31 January 2014 /

Egger-Lohner Electric Car 1898

Since the construction of the first sports car to bear the Porsche name, the company has been regarded as one of the leading sports car manufacturer. Yet the company’s history in fact dates back to a much earlier period. In 1898, Ferdinand Porsche presented the ‘Egger-Lohner electric vehicle,…
31 January 2014 / V. Christian Manz
V. Christian Manz

Small American Vans For Delivery

This is a story about the smallest vans from América, speaking about companies such as Dertroit Industry Vehicle Company (DIVCO), Ward Motor Vehicles, Pasckage Car Corporation (Pak-Age-Car), Brockway and others, some of them with electric transmision.
At the moment this story is only available…
11 October 2013 / V. Christian Manz
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