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Did you know that Ferdinand Porsche invented in 1899 the electric motor located in the hub of the wheel? That the first car that reviewed the…
03 June 2017

Historias Del Coche Eléctrico LOS PIONEROS 1870/1906

Already on sale the first book of a new collection called "Car Stories", the first dedicated to the true history of the electric car.
As the author, I point out that 120 years ago we had the possibility of having non-polluting and silent electric cars everywhere, as private vehicle, taxi, van, truck, bus, etc ... but we missed this opportunity to walk towards a pollutant transport currently very complicated. We invite our readers to enjoy this series of books, soft but forceful, and full of images and photographs - more than 300 per book. At this moment only available in Spanish language, others will follow.…
01 June 2017 / V. Christian Manz

The Pioneers, 160 Km/h And 307 Km Range 1870/1906

This is the title of the first book about E-Mobility written by Volker Christian Manz, available on Spanish language at webside…
26 May 2017

City ETaxi By German ACM

The German company Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) has presented its City eTaxi at the German Cebit Fair (March 20-24), a light three-seater vehicle…
26 March 2017

Electric Taxi Dron From Ehang

The dream of every drone manufacturers is to be able to make vehicles suitable for human transport. The Chinese company Ehang has succeeded: it is…
15 February 2017


According to a new position paper from UITP (the International Association of Public Transport), autonomous vehicles (AVs) will lead to a dystopian…
18 January 2017

Electric Taxi And Battery Changes

Fascinating this rapid change of batteries in the Eucort Taxi in Barcelona in 1943, as shown by this RTVE film. But they were not the first Spanish electric taxis between the civil war and postwar; and we also bring here two photos of a change of batteries back in 1906 - just as effective.
03 January 2017 / V. Christian Manz

Madrid With The Electric Vehicle

Today starts the new emov carsharing service in Madrid, offering a 100% digital rental service with a fleet of 500 Citroën C-Zero electric…
19 December 2016

Rinspeed Oasis At CES Las Vegas

With his new “Oasis” concept vehicle, Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht has created a memorable character role in the narrative of the…
06 October 2016

Taxi Ecològic In Barcelona

We were days ago in a low carbon journey with ECODES, a very interesting day were we were lucky to know about the first Taxi Ecologic group in Spain,…
06 July 2016

Emerald Van To Be Built In US And UK

The United States Postal Service announced the advancement of Emerald Automotive in the quest to build their Next Generation Delivery Vehicle. In an…
12 May 2016

Ukrainian Electric Taxi From Synchronous

From Ucrania comes this singular electric taxi project, using wood and leather in the luxerious interior, an electric induction engine, lithium-ion…
10 May 2016

The Italian/Shanghai Company ICONA Presents NEO In Europe

The company ICONA, founded by Italians but located in Shanghai, specializes in design and development of prototypes. After launching in 2015 in…
28 January 2016

Nissan And ENEL To Create Mobile Energy Sources

On the occasion of the 21st UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris,  Nissan and Enel, signed an agreement set to revolutionise the way…
14 December 2015
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