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Nobe, A New-age Lovely Electric Car

On a three-wheeled chassis and edged with the chrome of America’s muscle days, this new-age take on an antique design is a reminder of a time when cars weren’t just a daily commuter but a work of art to boot. Nobe may take you back sixty years, but “we’re proud of that, but we’re ten years ahead of the times with an electric take you’re sure to be shocked by.”Nobe offers a classic, playful yet conventional way to own a piece of nostalgia without the carbon footprint. Owning a lightweight, comfortable and compact e-car doesn’t have to look generic or blow a budget. Make your next trip with style, turn a few heads, and still do your part in making sure your automobile choice…
06 June 2018 / V. Christian Manz

The History Of Electric Cars Will Be Presented At ClassicAuto Madrid 2018

The electric car is not an invention of our time, as it seems to be current. Its fascinating history, dating from the late nineteenth century, is…
06 February 2018

DID YOU KNOW: The Hansom Body - With The Driver Behind

Many electric taxis back in the nineteenth to the twentieth century carried the Hansom body, in which the driver took a seat in the back. It was…
06 October 2017

Alvaro Sauras, Motorjournalist, Enjoying...

The first book from Volker Christian Manz, from a serie of four, is fantastic, comprehensive, exquisite, awesome.
22 July 2017

THE PIONEERS 1870/1906

The first book of the series "Stories of the Electric Car", THE PIONEERS 1870/1906 by Volker Christian Manz, is already available on Spanish…
09 June 2017


Did you know that Ferdinand Porsche invented in 1899 the electric motor located in the hub of the wheel? That the first car that reviewed the…
03 June 2017

The Pioneers, 160 Km/h And 307 Km Range 1870/1906

This is the title of the first book about E-Mobility written by Volker Christian Manz, available on Spanish language at webside…
26 May 2017

General Vehicles Company Nueva York 1911

The Americans were great pioneers in trucks and electric vans, manufacturing for many years a range of products very useful for any transport. Here we present a picture of the General Vehicle chassis from Long Island City, New York, 1911, a solid chassis with electric motor in the rear, with chain…
17 April 2017 / V. Christian Manz

Mass Production Of Batteries In Germany

The Germans have been worried for a long time because they do not produce large quantities of batteries in their country to be able to supply them to…
30 January 2017

Electric Taxi And Battery Changes

Fascinating this rapid change of batteries in the Eucort Taxi in Barcelona in 1943, as shown by this RTVE film. But they were not the first Spanish electric taxis between the civil war and postwar; and we also bring here two photos of a change of batteries back in 1906 - just as effective.
03 January 2017 / V. Christian Manz

Electric Car Exceeds 100 Km/h In 1899

This record reached in November 1899 by the Belgian Camille Jenatzy was held for three years, before it was broken by another ecological car, a steam car. The gasoline car still took many months until it could compete with the other propulsions.
The doctors and the priests did not come to a clear…
23 July 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Columbia Electric Carriages From 1905

Prestige Electric Car has expanded its great documentary file with the acquisition of an original catalog of 1905 from the American brand Columbia Electric Carriages made in Hartford-Connecticut.
The highlights of this catalogue are the great varity of different bodies and the huge range of…
02 May 2016 / V. Christian Manz

Hotzenblitz, Where Are You

This is not the latest creation of an attractive electric car from a new company still unknown, but a strong commitment to early nineties of the last century of a silent and attractive future car with all its well-crafted details. The German Hotzenblitz was too good to be true and was born to early.
Once upon the time there was a small, only 2.7 meters long car, with an inside which could hold up to four seats, or only two seats to have all the rear part abvailable for load. It could also undress from part of his roof, leaving a portion exposed to the sun to shine to its occupants. He had a large curved windshield inward, two doors and a glazed rear tailgate. Finally, a large space of…
22 December 2015 / V. Christian Manz

The First Hybrid Car Comes From Spain

It seems that the first automobile combining an electric with a combustion motor, that means, the first hybrid drive, comes from Spain, only when all the dates we find are correct. It seems so.
In the information gathered about the origin of the Spanish Hispano-Suiza, the main character is the…
22 October 2015 / V. Christian Manz
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